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Adam - 14 Aug 2000
With the starting of school, and having about 1 hour give or take an hour or two (efficient multitasking if you ask me!) of homework my life seems to be busy as hell (is hell busy? or is this just an overused phrase, maybe this belongs in the Random Thoughts section..). But today was cool, and with the exception of Chemistry and Algebra II, I knew people in all of my classes (I'm slated to be switched out of those classes anyways, so we'll see what happens.) and saw many farmiliar faces attempting to stumble down the halls and make it to class on time. Yes, i tried to get to classes on time - I'm a geek remember? But the point of this news section is as follows "The new school will be acceptable, it's just a little unorganized, and there is a few more thugs (i'm currently writing a outcomeinformed.com gloassary, the word thugs will be defined)." But in the end (hopefully we'll have a football field and weight room!) everything will be just like over the rainbow. G'day Mates.>br> Adam

Adam - 13 Aug 2000
School starts tommorow, and I'm not sure I want it to or not.. but who cares! I was placed on the IceWM development team, and am a member of Polymer and my life has been pretty much hell lately. I've also decided only to have 3 news items on this page, but you can view the full news here. Dan should be back any day now, I guess. I'm out.

Adam - 8 Aug 2000
School Registration.. I think Florida is the only state in the world that doesn't realize that school registration shoujlnd't need to be done ever single year.. or maybe it's just Pasco county, but none-the-less it must be done, despite how dumb and how horrid the process is. Just imagine 200 people standing in a few different lines, people not knowing what they're doing and you trying to get of there quickly.. It's hell. Well it's coming on 7:30AM on this fine day, and it's HOT, like 80F. Very, very warm. I've discovered some new bands that I seem to like (well i've heard them before, but my music tastes may be changing), namely The Get Up Kids and Hot Water Music. Okay, well I need to get going to this extravaganza - I want to get home and skate. On the brighter side, school starts next Monday and i'm excited (but not as much as I was last week, ohwell.)I need to leave.
Update: My schedule was completely fucked. They put me in Weight Training Drivers Ed (which were secondary electives, due to lack of caring for any others), but could you picutre me in 'Weight Training'?!? Not to mention the Physical Education wing isn't finihsed and we don't have any weight facilities. Right. Besides that my schedule gave me Eng2 Hon, World Histroy Hon, Chem I Hon (well it didn't give me Hon, but thats resolved already), and Alg II Hon (fixed too..) and Spanish II. My classes are also in completely different wings in the school, so i'll be walking a bit.
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